Update to the Touchpad Script

Some time ago I posted a script that turned the touchpad on and off as needed. This script disabled the touchpad when I using a mouse. After using it for sometime I found that occasionally the device numbers changed after a reboot. So I modified the script to use the device name in place of the ID.

The original post, now updated, is here.


Fedora Xfce Tap to Click

I mentioned in the last post that I had problems getting tap to click to work on the touchpad of my netbook. It is running Fedora 16 Xfce 4.8 spin. I found a number of guides on line that required editing of or the creation of various files. These all had the same result, X wouldn’t start. The answer was very simple.

I found that using synclient in a terminal worked. The command was ‘synclient TapButton1=1’. However it needed to be rerun on each restart so a more permanent answer was required. A couple of guides suggested creating a script in ~/.config/xfce4/ but that didn’t work for me. It appeared the script wasn’t being run. So I created a Application Autostart in Session and Startup with the synclient command above as the command and it worked. Problem solved.