Fedora Xfce Tap to Click

I mentioned in the last post that I had problems getting tap to click to work on the touchpad of my netbook. It is running Fedora 16 Xfce 4.8 spin. I found a number of guides on line that required editing of or the creation of various files. These all had the same result, X wouldn’t start. The answer was very simple.

I found that using synclient in a terminal worked. The command was ‘synclient TapButton1=1’. However it needed to be rerun on each restart so a more permanent answer was required. A couple of guides suggested creating a script in ~/.config/xfce4/ but that didn’t work for me. It appeared the script wasn’t being run. So I created a Application Autostart in Session and Startup with the synclient command above as the command and it worked. Problem solved.


Author: Jim

A sixty something living in the Hawkesbury Valley on the edge of Sydney Australia.

6 thoughts on “Fedora Xfce Tap to Click”

  1. Worked fine on f17 xfce. I wonder though why things like that are automatically enabled on for example ubuntu, but not on fedora… it is an usability issue, people expect taping on the touchpad to just work, like on windows, or ubuntu, without googling for it an having to resort to commands or scripts to enable this. And this is not some patent crap, to justify not having it enabled by default, so I don’t really get it…do fedora guys want people to have it even more complicated to run linux?

  2. Um. I fixed that by adding about five lines to my Fedora 16’s Xorg.conf. No startup crap needed 🙂

    1. As I mentioned, without detailing the files I edited, that didn’t work for me. X wouldn’t start. I believe that is the preferred way and maybe I should look into it more when I have time but at least this got me working.

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