What is Techodyssey?

This is somewhere to share my experiences with photography, computers and other technology. I am no expert but have years of experience. One thing I have learnt is how much I still have to learn. This blog gives me a chance to share what I have learnt, hopefully it will help others.

Photography Gear

I own both film and digital cameras, but predominately shoot with digital these days. I have a couple of Canon dslrs, a 400D and I recently added a 77D. Even though the 400D is a few years old now, it is a fine camera that I feel comfortable using. That is an important element that is often overlooked. If you don’t feel comfortable with whatever tools you are using you won’t get the best out of them or yourself. My favourite camera was the Nikon F601M which is the best camera I have ever owned. I’m still learning the advanced features of the 77D but so far very happy with it.

I also use a couple of FujiFilm digital cameras. First a S5500 which I have had since 2005, still works well except I have to reprogram it every time I change the batteries as its internal battery is worn out. I also have an X10 which sees regular use as it is always there and ready to go. However I don’t feel I get the best out of it.  It is in the car most of the time and takes good photos and video.

My most common subjects are plants, railways, vintage cars and old buildings.

I have added a Panasonic SD-700 HD video camera to my kit. It is not the first video camera I have owned but I hadn’t used one for a while.


Tired of the cost and bloat of Windows I have been using Linux, specifically Fedora as my primary OS for sometime now. Most, but not all, of the software I use daily is free and open source. I can’t see myself using any other operating system now.

I used KDE as my main desktop environment since KDE 3 days but these days my preferred desktop is Xfce. My principal distro for the last few years has been Korora, a Fedora remix. Recently Korora ceased development and I’m looking at alternatives. UnityLinux looks hopeful.

I have been an Android user for a few years now. I’m on my fourth Android phone, an Oppo R17 Pro. It’s a good phone unfortunately saddled with what may be the worst customised Android system. I quickly set up the Nova Launcher which has many features the standard launcher doesn’t. I’ve also got a 2013 Nexus 7 tablet. Wonderful screen and great interface.

Some time ago I was interviewed by ‘My Linux Rig’.


One of the advantages of retirement is that you aren’t tied to living where you can find employment. At the moment I’m living in the Hawkesbury Valley on the northwestern outskirts of Sydney Australia, at the base of the beautiful Blue Mountains. Not country but not quite city, the best and worst of both. This will change in the next year or so. But that’s a story for another day.

My Christian faith is an important part of who I am. But this isn’t an appropriate place to discuss that. Other interests include baking and fountain pens.

I would like to travel around this great country a little more. My car, a 1994 Subaru Liberty Rallye that I’ve had from new, is the perfect vehicle for such travels as past experience has shown.

I value your feedback, please use the form below to let me know what you think of my blog, any suggestions and ideas are appreciated.

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