Kdenlive Appearance in Xfce

The KDE video editor Kdenlive is one of the best Linux video editors available for general users. I’ve used it for many versions both in KDE and other desktops like Xfce. Recently it was updated to version 15.12.2 in Fedora. One of the changes from the former 9.10 version was the conversion to Plasma 5 / QF5. This means it defaults to using the Breeze style.

Unfortunately Kdenlive doesn’t detect or use the GTK settings or even the QT5 setting. The style used is set within the application. I’m not sure why it does this but in my experience it is the only KDE application that does it.

I use a dark theme in Xfce and kdenlive looked way out of place. I tried to set it to use the GTK theme but that meant some elements were dark and some not. it looked a real mess. I needed to install the Breeze theme and then set Kdenlive to use Breeze Dark. ‘dnf install plasma-breeze’ is all I needed to do. Then select Breeze in Settings – Style and Breeze Dark in Theme and in that order too. It still isn’t exactly the same colours as other applications but it is close and that seems to be the best I can do.


Themes for Gmail

Those of us who use Gmail appreciate the features it offers but may find the look of the page a bit boring. There have been extensions available to add themes but these come with a speed penalty. Now Google has added themes. They point out they could have just provided colour options but decided to go the theme route instead. See the Gmail blog for more details and screen shots. Now if only they would offer colours or themes in PicasaWeb.

As usual Google is slowly rolling it out and if you don’t have a themes tab on your settings screen check back in a few days.

I was tempted by the mountains but have gone with Shiny at the moment. That will probably change in a couple of days though! Which theme did you choose?