Fedora’s Copr and Remixes

This is a slightly edited version of a news item I recently posted on the Korora Project site. It covered the failure of the repo setup instructions provided on Fedora’s Copr site.
The Fedora COPR repos are a great source of software that isn’t (yet?) available in the regular repos. Some are new versions that will appear in future releases but are available now for testing. Some are very specialised software for which there is little demand.
Adding a COPR repo is simple as dnf core plugins provide a one step command. Unfortunately the command provided on the COPR site does not work on Fedora remixes such as Korora. The command attempts to determine the version and arch you are running but doesn’t recognise a remix. You must provide this information as an additional argument. For example the following command would install a copr repo in a 64 bit Korora system:
$ sudo dnf copr enable reponame fedora-23-x86_64
This instructs the dnf copr plugin it to explicitly enable the Fedora 23 64 bit repo, edit the command for other versions (use i686 for 32 bit). Replace ‘reponame’ with the name given on the COPR page.
There is no need to add that argument if using the disable repo command only when initially setting it up. There are more details about the dnf copr plugin at http://dnf.baseurl.org/2014/03/19/copr-plugin/.