More on Kororaa 15

I recently posted on my experiences installing Kororaa 15. Kororaa is a remix of Fedora so most of this also applies to Fedora 15. I have installed it on my desktop as well now and the result was similar.

I did mention that I was using nouveau instead of installing the proprietary Nvidia drivers. I noticed a few strange things including tabs in Chrome crashing on some websites, Gmail being one of them.

Another Kororaa user reported problems with the Extras installer that automates the installation of Flash, Nvidia and ATI drivers so I decided to install the Nvidia drivers and test for the problem. I did find a problem and had to do a separate installation of the drivers but one result was all of the strange problems I had been experiencing disappeared. It goes without saying then that when I installed on my desktop I didn’t wait and installed the drivers as part of my initial setup.

I also added KDE 4.7 as detailed in the previous post. It comes with Digikam 2.0 and other updates and is another great step forward for KDE. It is not available in the usual repos for Fedora 15 but will be part of 16. If you are a KDE user I recommend it.


Author: Jim

A sixty something living in the Hawkesbury Valley on the edge of Sydney Australia.

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