Fedora 13

I’ve been rather busy lately. (click here if you want to know why) so haven’t been blogging here at all. By the way that site is on WordPress too, good option for our ‘not for profit’ group. But when I did have some time for myself I installed Fedora 13 on my laptop. Once again no problems, everything worked out of the box but I made the usual improvements.

My nvidia graphics card has needed the proprietary drivers in the past but I was hoping the improvements to Nouveau would make that un-necessary this time. It is possible to get 3D using Nouveau and mesa-dri-drivers-experimental but not with my GeForce 8400 GS so I’m back with the drivers from RPMFusion again.

In KDE knetworkmanager has replaced the networkmanager-gnome applet which is an interesting change. If you are using KDE you should use its utilities but it hasn’t been stable in past versions. This time it works well but doesn’t have the wizards the gnome version has. Maybe they will follow.

The new version of Conky (1.8.0) now supports transparency so the steps needed to make it work in KDE using feh are no longer needed. A good improvement.

I’ve been using Google Chrome as my browser for a while. It is faster then Firefox and has most of the extensions. I tried the open source version, Chromium, but found it too unstable for everyday use so back to Chrome.

The need to edit the hal fdi policy files to get touchpad options such as “tap to click” working has been overcome now. KDE has a touchpad option in the settings and it works well.

Overall I’m very pleased with Fedora 13 and when the opportunity arises I will install it on my other computers.


Author: Jim

A sixty something living in the Hawkesbury Valley on the edge of Sydney Australia.

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