The End of the Internet in Australia?

The Australian government is intending to join a list of the world’s most disreputable governments such as China, Cuba and Iran by censoring the internet. It will set itself up as the sole authority on what Australians can access. But it will also refuse to disclose what it is blocking and why. The few reports that have reached the general media have talked of child porn and other illegal sites but already a staffer in the office of the Minister responsible for this has tried to block reports on So where will it end?

See here and follow the links for more info.
See also Nocleanfeed.


Author: Jim

A sixty something living in the Hawkesbury Valley on the edge of Sydney Australia.

5 thoughts on “The End of the Internet in Australia?”

  1. Thanks Sam

    It certainly is Adam. I have added another link to the story that is worth checking out for more info.

  2. Not enough Aussies are blogging about this as yet. Clearly too many of us are too apathetic and ill-informed, ’cause if this happened in the US the web would go into meltdown from all the bloggers and assorted forum lurkers saying their piece!

  3. Yes Sam, it seems to be picking up but we are an apathetic lot! I think the problem is that main stream media has not started talking about it yet. There have been the occasional mention but until it makes the “current Affair” type shows it wont reach the general public. Even Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, which loves being anti Labour, has only run a small piece talking about blocking illegal sites.

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