Writing a Post

An idea for a post strikes and what do you do? If you are busy you may ignore it or forget it. What a loss that may be. The best article you ever could create gone forever. So is there a better way?

I prefer to make a note of the important points and get back to it later. I use a text editor, word processor or even a pen and paper, whatever is at hand. I have a text document that contains a few half written posts. That way when ever I add something new I can see the notes I made previously and it reminds me to do something with them. When I need something to post this is where I come looking for ideas.

Next step is to type out the details. I use the same document so all my ideas are together. I try to flesh out the notes I made into a readable piece. I don’t normally post it straight away. I leave it and come back and reread it. I make some changes if I think it needs it and then post it, maybe. Sometimes I edit a few times, occasionally it never gets posted. Only post when it is as good as you can get it.

Of course this doesn’t work with the latest news, that must be out immediately but most things are not as time sensitive.

Of course this isn’t a perfect system. Sometimes an article may sit here for a long time, maybe forever. There are times when I intend to post something open this document, edit a few articles and not post anything. But usually the final post is better than the original effort.

What do you think? How do you work, do you have a system?


Author: Jim

A sixty something living in the Hawkesbury Valley on the edge of Sydney Australia.

2 thoughts on “Writing a Post”

  1. Hi JIm

    You are much more methodical than me. The factors influencing what I post are:

    Having time – this may seem odd for a retired guy like me, but you will be surprised what goes on when you retire yourself, plus I have chronic fatigue and have to rest a lot.

    Having the idea – when I have an idea for a post I just keep it in my head until I have a bit of time.

    Having enough to make a reasonable post not just a coupla lines. Although, being so interested in photography, I might often post a picture with a few lines to explain what is going on

    I would love to combine or comment more on your techno posts but I am on the MS Vista and do not know your systems … Here are some things I do with my computer:

    Edit photographs – this is the major use, I mainly use Photoshop and the GIMP
    Do my family story – I use Adobe InDesign for this as I am putting it in book form – I am up to page 200 or so at the moment!
    Drawings – I use Inkscape and ArtRage (sorry I have not done the links – you can easily google them!)
    Litte bit of word processing for letters and such – mainly use OpenOffice of MS Works
    Ditto spreadsheet – keeping track of our meagre finances!
    Music – I like to collect music where I can and slice and dice if I need to separate tracks, then burn to CD. I also have a lot of music on the computer
    Eamila and browsing of course

    What do you do on your computer?

    That’s what I do about posting and other stuff – would always like to do more! Many of my posts I draft in Google Docs or Zoho.

  2. I just like to make a note so I don’t forget it. It also makes preparing posts so much easier.

    I use my computers for much the same you do without the drawing bit and the family story though.

    I use the Gimp for photo editing but mainly use Canon’s DPP to process the raw files. (one of the few things I use Windows for). Gimp can do it with the UFRaw plugin but I’m not completely happy with the result. I think it has something to do with colour profiles but I haven’t worked it out yet. Think there will be a post in there if I ever do.

    I am part of a local association so use OpenOffice to do paper work, newsletters etc and will transfer the membership list to OO’s Base soon.

    I have ripped cds so I can play them while working on the computer. Not sure how much music is on the hard drive but Amarok tells me it will take more than 5 days to listen to it all.

    Although I use GMail and gCalender and Reader I haven’t tried Docs preferring to use OO for that type of work.

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