USB Keyboard

I recently updated my keyboard and for the first time have one that plugs into USB. It works fine, WindowsXP required driver installation but Linux just worked. However I had one problem.

As you may gather this is a multi-boot machine, it has Windows and a couple of versions of Linux. I have a Grub menu at boot up to select the OS to use. That was the problem, the keyboard wouldn’t work until an OS started up. I could only access my default OS. Checking a couple of forums I found a comment that some (most new) bios have an option to activate USB at boot. I checked mine (using an old ps2 keyboard) and the option was already set. Still no luck.

My computer has 2 set of USB ports (3 if you count the ones on the front panel). There are some directly on the motherboard and some on an expansion card. I had plugged the keyboard into the expansion card. As a test I rearranged some of my USB devices plugging the keyboard into one of the ports on the motherboard and rebooted. Problem solved, it worked fine.

As an aside both Linux systems handled the rearrangement without a problem however Windows went into a flap trying to set up all my “new” hardware and insisted on a reboot before it would work. That’s one reason why it isn’t my default OS!


Author: Jim

A sixty something living in the Hawkesbury Valley on the edge of Sydney Australia.

4 thoughts on “USB Keyboard”

  1. Can’t help you Jim, but damn these small things are annoying! You would think by now it would all be a bit easier. Or do I expect too much?

    I use the GIMP (sorry, used to use it!) but the damn thing suddenly stopped recognising my graphics pad … spent ages on that problem then gave up and went back to a copy of Photoshop 7 I have had for some time.

    Best wishes, Adam

  2. Hi Adam, thanks for your comments. I’m happy with the set up now. It is working on the other port.

    Can’t understand your problem though as it shouldn’t matter to Gimp, the OS handles the input. My tablet works well for me with the Gimp, in fact it works better now under Ubuntu than it did previously.

  3. Hi Stace
    My keyboard works fine now. It was just a matter of plugging into one of the original onboard usb ports.
    Whether that will solve your problem is another thing, depends whether the problem is the keyboard or something else.

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