Open Source Software – Take 2

What is Open Source Software? I gave a quick and in many ways not very accurate description in my last post of this series but for a much clearer understanding see the Free Software magazine.

I also mentioned in that post that I didn’t agree with all of his choices. One of the good things about OSS that there are usually many choices in each category. So listed below are the changes I would make to the list.

3. If only Google Calendar had a “To Do” list. It’s not open source but Google Calendar is great. For “ToDo” I use “Remember the Milk”. The suggested Sunbird is the best OSS option.

4. I haven’t used Abiword but as choice 5 is Open Office why duplicate. Open Office Writer is a good Word replacement and reported to be the most compatible with the MSOffice format.

6. My choice would be AVG which while not OSS is free, or at least a free option is available.

18. Handbrake is a Mac program.

29. GnuCash, this choice is a little strange as there doesn’t appear to be a version for Windows. I say doesn’t appear to be as the website gives instructions on how to compile under Windows and how the problems may be handled. So while some people with access to the right tools may be able to have it, GNUCash is not available for download from the official site however unofficial copies can be found. I don’t have a replacement but can say GnuCash works well under Linux.

And the one item missing from the list –

31 Nvu

A wysiwyg html editor, a suitable OSS for website creation whether you want to work at code level or wysiwyg level.

Have I missed anything? Let me know what you think.


Author: Jim

A sixty something living in the Hawkesbury Valley on the edge of Sydney Australia.

3 thoughts on “Open Source Software – Take 2”

  1. abiword is not too hot – very limited in formatting options, no good at tables … stick with OpenOffice is my advice.

    i find google docs and spreadsheets a very handy online resource. not open source of course.

    the GIMP is an excellent image editor and Inkscape a really good drawing program (vector) – I prefer it to Illustrator for most stuff.

    FWIW ..


  2. Hi Adam

    Thanks for the tips.

    I’m happy using OpenOffice, works fine for me even when doing some DTP types docs. Haven’t tried the online alternatives but have heard good about them. Use Google Calendar and Reader though, they work well.

    Gimp is nearly all I use for photo editing, not artistic enough to use a drawing program!

    Filezilla was on the original list and I have heard other good reports on it too.

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