In Defence of the Focusing Ring

What ever made digital camera designers think that a combination of buttons is a suitable substitute for the tried and true focusing ring on the lens?

One of my requirements when I chose my digital camera was manual control including focusing. I haven’t used full manual exposure but often use Aperture Priority and similar settings. I would like to use manual focusing too but I still haven’t mastered it. Usually I use auto focus which works fine in most situations but sometimes, such as in macro mode it does not work. Either the focus is on the wrong part of the picture or, and more commonly, it can’t focus at all. Manual control is essential or the picture is missed.

Trying to hold one button while adjusting others and concentrate on getting the right focus is just too much. Without a tripod it is impossible. With my film slr I just turn the lens ring and it is done. So disappointing and in every other way I love my Fuji S5500.

Does the above mean I am just trying to convince myself I need to invest in a digital slr? Mmmm… that’s not going to happen soon but time to dream.


Author: Jim

A sixty something living in the Hawkesbury Valley on the edge of Sydney Australia.

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